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New Child's Play Poster Drops

First You Cut A Hole In The Box, Then You Put A....

So are you a fan of Chucky? It appears there is going to be a lot of Chucky on the horizon. There is apparently a t.v. series in development based on the original Chucky stories, then there's the new movie.

This movie is a reboot to the series of movies, which to be honest, has a history so garbled that it's COMPLETELY necessary. There is a little twist here and how much it will play into the movie remains to be seen. In the original Child's Play movie the "Good Guy Doll" was possessed by the spirit of a murderer. This movie's synopsis says the doll has an "evil nature", but the box, as seen above also indicates that the doll can be controlled by electronic devices. I think it's a safe guess that there will be some Wi-Fi hijinks somehow involved.

The movie has also made a very interesting casting choice with the hilarious, sexy and notoriously weird Aubrey Plaza as the mom who buys the doll for her son. I'd also like to point out that the poster indicates that this movie will get a theatrical release which could make for a fun night out.

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