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New Chucky Looks Sucky

I would like to kick this doll in it's rubber dick

I am not a hater. I enjoyed the last Friday the 13th movie, the new Halloween and even the Nightmare reboot. I tend to enjoy things for what they are without any added baggage. I am also not the biggest Child's Play fan, so my critique has nothing to do with loyalty either.

I watched this trailer and I was PUMPED. I love the idea that the new doll would be wifi/bluetooth or somehow able to use technology. The action looked good, some of the splatter looked good. In fact, everything was going well until I saw the actual doll. I cannot tell you why I hate this so much. I literally said out loud, "F@ck this". It just pissed me off to no end that it looks like the movie is well done but they spent fifty cents on the actual Good Guy Doll.

This remake can suck a fat one. Check the trailer below and see if you don't agree.

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