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New Ghost Video, Old Brain Surgery

This is your brain on drugs

I believe music and horror have a natural connection, at least they always have for me. My listening went from Alice Cooper, to Sabbath, to Blue Oyster Cult, to Ozzy, to Manson, to Zombie, to Ghost and others. I think it's pretty easy to see how someone can keep the rock in the horror genre exclusively if they wanted to.

This takes us to Ghost. The band always explored dark themes, but on the new album featured a bit lighter touch with Rats and Dance Macabre. The latest track is a rocker called "Faith". As many do these days, the band has release a lyric video (sometimes in advance of an actual video, or instead of an actual video). What makes this one HorrorWeb worthy is the video features what seems to be old timey brain surgery footage. As of this writing, I've been unable to ascertain whether it's actual footage or faked, I can only tell you that it's as creepy as fu......dge. Enjoy "Faith" by Ghost.

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