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New Godzilla Vs Kong Footage

The Monkees have decided on a more metal direction for their next album

I am still very "bought-in" to this flick. I honestly can't remember a giant monster flick that I cared for since I was a wee lad and they made them in black in white. This just looks so well done that I'm willing to endure 90 minutes of giant monster bash and trash even if that means very little exposition.

Now, let's talk about, talking about monster movies. Can EVERY other sight shut up about "Kaiju"? Every low-down, basement-dwelling horror writer keeps dropping the term "Kaiju" in an attempt to sound a little smarter than they are. "Kaiju" means "strange monster" and it is used in reference to all of the Japanese giant monster movies. The term is an unnecessary umbrella and makes it seem as if these movies are a shared universe or have some other connection than the beast are big.

I guess folks want to try to make "giant ape versus giant lizard" sound a little sexier than it is, but the proof is always going to be on the screen. In this particular instance, it looks like this fight will outclass everything from the genre before it.

Have a little look at the piddle-paddle-water battle between Godzilla vs Kong:

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