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New Haunting Of Bly Manor Trailer

This is the picture under the dictionary definition of "pornstache"

The Haunting Of Hill House was easily one of the top horror moments in my life. The entire series was just amazing beginning to end. On the heels of that comes a new haunted house movie called, "The Haunting Of Bly Manor".

This new Netflix limited-run series gets started October 9th and I'm all about it. The best thing you can tell about this trailer is that there is some creepy stuff going on, but you can't really tell what. I think that's the same vibe that gave The Haunting Of Hill House such a great vibe; there was a lot of suspense leading up to the scares.

Let me save your brain some thinky-time too. If you're like me you'll immediately be drawn in by that spooky music. Do you know what it is? Bueller? Bueller? Well, that would be "Home Sweet Home" by Motely Crue. I certainly hope that layer of detail is in the series as well. Westworld, while certainly not the first, did an incredible job of layering in reimaginings of rock songs and we're already hearing here that it works.

October is shaping up nicely kids. While the new Halloween movie got unjustly punted, we at least have the big Walking Dead Finale and The Haunting Of Bly Manor. Check it out:

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