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New Horror On Netflix For December

Jane says, "I'm done with Sergio"

There's not a ton of horror addictions to Netflix this month (those valuable programming dollars no doubt went to pay for Xmas fare), but there a few movies of note that might run a chill up your spine.

December kicks off with Bride Of Chucky, Christine, Shaun Of The Dead and My Bloody Valentine. Since it is REQUIRED that you like Shaun Of The Dead to be here, let's talk about "My Bloody Valentine". This is NOT the original 1981 classic (in my book anyways). This is the movie that was originally marketed at "My Bloody Valentine 3D". What can I say, I enjoyed it. It was a decent throwback to the slasher movies of my youth.

After these two it's a long wait until 12/21 for a trio of promising entries. There's a Netflix original series called "Diablero" . It appears it's in Spanish but the action looks insane;

Add to that the Sandra Bullock vehicle "Bird Box" which is kind of like "A Quiet Place" and six episode German series called "Perfume" about a group making scents from corpses. I guess it's time to brush up on some foreign languages. One more thing, "The Casketeers" will also debut at this time for those who just want a look inside the real life funeral industry.

On the 30th of December "The Autopsy Of Jane Doe" drops. I'm looking forward to finally getting this one in my que.

So there you have it, thats the new entries for December into the horror category at Netflix. I guess I should mention there's a new special episode of Sabrina and if you haven't circled around to "The Haunting Of Hill House" maybe it's time to take a look. The series is a slow burn but taken as a whole, it's a masterpiece (or you could just go back and look for the hidden ghosts).

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