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New Manson Track Here, Full Release Coming Friday

When your face looks like it was painted on a ceramic ashtray your kid made in 1st grade.

Why y'all sleeping on Manson? Manson is going to make sure you don't sleep again! A second track has dropped ahead of the release of "We Are Chaos" this weekend.

"Don't Chase The Dead" accomplished what the title track "We Are Chaos" does as well, which is to sound sinister without overdoing it, to learn from David Bowie but to not sound like you're stealing from him, and to be heavy without trying to be heavy.

I reawakened to all things Manson with the Pale Emperor album. Heaven In Reverse ruled as well and now we set on the cusp on Manson 2020. The two-track released so far are ALMOST enough for me, they are just that great.

I well understand that some of you think that Manson was just a phase for your goth-teen self, and I'm here to tell you that he is the man to take you through the pandemic as well. He just, understands. I hope you'll give one or both tracks a listen, they both blow my hair back (and I'm bald).

Welcome back again Mr. Manson, we need you.

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