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New Netflix Horror Film Velvet Buzzsaw Drops 2.1

Hi, I'm Robot, who 'dis?

I guess I don't have to tell you that everyone went wild for Birdbox. Sure, it wasn't perfect but it had a big name star in a nicely budget horror movie. I'm down with that combo for sure. This time around it's Jake Gyllenhaal. But get ready for this....John Malkovich is in this one too! I'm thinking it would be a cool thing to put him in and kill him off in every Netflix movie.

So what we have here are haunted/possessed or somewhat evil paintings (and there seems to be some other stuff going on too). Interestingly enough, when you view the trailer it's hard to tell what kind of movie it is at first, but the minute those monkeys do their thing, I went, "YAAAASSSS!"

Anyways, enough of my yammering. Let me just close with the fact that I think its AWESOME that Netflix has an interest in the horror genre. Check out the trailer for "Velvet Buzzsaw".

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