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New Rob Zombie 3 From Hell Trailer Coming

The trailer for the new Rob Zombie flick should drop about Monday and I am nervous. Can we take a moment and discuss why this might not be a great thing?

Let's start with the fact that the entire gang was shot to shit at the end of The Devils Rejects. Remember all those little holes appearing in people in slow motion? It was really well done and left little room for doubt. So, did these three heal? Were they brought back by witchcraft? Was the shooting all of a dream? Judging by the fact that there are prison scenes they survived somehow and if that is not treated just right everything that follows will ring hollow.

What about the actors? Sid Haig is old. 79 years old as a matter of fact. With all due respect for a man that gave us such joy and such a wonderful portrayal of Captain Spaulding, I'm not real sure how much "action" he can put in what is essentially an action film (would we assume that they get out of jail somehow and start a new murderous rampage).

Next up to bat, Rob's not really on a streak. I LOVED 31. I was one of the few who loved 31. Before that was Lords Of Salem which I hated. Then there's one thumb down and one thumb up for his Halloween films. I'm just saying that it's entirely possible that Zombie makes a bad film and ruins the legacy of these characters.

Let's focus on the legacy of these characters in itself. We loved the Devils Rejects because it hit a perfect tone at a perfect time. It had bad guys being chased by badder guys. It made you like completely reprehensible characters. That's a difficult balancing act. Also, if Zombie goes a little too far on the fan service it could make the characters parodies of themselves which never works out well.

Fans have demanded this film for a long, long time and it's rare that they end up satisfied. Rob Zombie will get my ten bucks at the theater and probably another $30 for a shirt. I HAVE to find out what happens to "The 3". I just think we all need to remember that it's going to be tough for lightning to strike twice for these characters so we should heed the words of Otis B. Driftwood when he said, "I set my standards pretty low so I'm never disappointed".

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