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New Skittles Will Feature Rotten Zombie Flavor

Mars/Wrigley "So what part of the zombie are you eating?"

Want a fun activity with the family this Halloween? Pick up a bag of Zombie Skittles. Sit in a circle. Start taking turns eating single Skittles until someone wretches from the taste of "Rotten Zombie Skittles".

This idea may sound a little crazy to you, but trust me, I've seen various jelly beans fly off the shelf by including a couple nasty flavors into the package. This is just a great combination of treat, fun and Halloween spirit.

Skittles is also getting the regular fruit flavors into the Halloween spirit re-naming the regular flavors Mummified Melon, Chilling Black Cherry, Blood Red Berry, Boogeyman Blackberry, and Petrifying Citrus Punch.

One other cool thing; you'll be able to get big bags, but they will be also available in the "Fun Size" bags for passing out to Trick Or Treaters.

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