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New Trailer For Old Is Here

I dunno what her name is, but if she's on the beach we'll call her "Sandy"

Quick, what do M. Night Shyamalan and Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) have in common? That's right they both are capable of genius and/or taking a dump in your eye sockets from project to project. The wild inconsistency of both has left me with a "wait and see" attitude towards all of their stuff. Trust me when I tell you that I near 100% completely ignore all other critics on everything else. There's just something about these two that makes you feel like you just saw something timeless or something that feels like a complete waste of time.

So let's get to "Old". Fortunately, the story was written by someone else so there's hope. The movie is based on a book called "Sandcastle" by Pierre Oscar Levy. I guess if the project was good enough to be picked up from book form, it should show some promise.

The story is simple, folks go on vacation and somehow when they get to a secluded beach they start aging rapidly, some living their whole life in one day. Nice, right? Well, I already have a problem just in viewing the trailer. Just like the Hulk in the comics, how the hell do their clothes still fit? That's a hard thing to overcome mentally.

Problem number two is that this looks a bit more like a made-for-Shudder feature. Now, there's nothing wrong with that because Shudder can tell some excellent stories, I'm just saying that this movie may not elevate itself beyond a B-level. I certainly hope I'm wrong about this, but you decide after you've checked out the trailer for "Old":

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