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Nic Cage Takes On Animatronic Animals In Willy's Wonderland

The kids were surprised when the cartoon cat held out it's hand and said, "Pay up bitch!"

This may be the ultimate 2021 Nic Cage movie. It's like they just handed him a stick and said, "go rage on these puppets'. He doesn't even bother to talk in the trailer.

I can not say it better than this YouTube commentator:

Nick Cage is going to Nick Cage like he's never Nick Caged before.

Okay, so the commentator needs to drop the "k" but otherwise, I believe he's correct. So let's pull this apart now, shall we? I'm not of the "Five Nights At Freddy's" generation, but the idea of these animatronic bastards coming to life and wrecking shop is not new. Some of us have nightmares going back to visits at Disneyland or from watching "The Banana Splits" (which was turned into a horror movie). I just need Nic to spout a trademark phrase like, "It's about to get oily in here" in order for this to be the perfect experience.

It looks like this will be Pay-Per-View in February and they can take my money now. Nic Cage, animatronic monsters, some very shapely has all the right ingredients to knock Gone With The Wind down a couple of notches on the "best film ever" lists.

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