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NOS4A2 Season 2 Teaser Released

"Oh no, there's NO WAY that a place like that could be full of pedophiles or soul-sucking ghouls"

So there I was, watching the best show on t.v. (Better Call Saul) when I was hit between the eyes with a trailer for the second season of NOS4A2. This is going to take some unpacking.

I am what you call a "mark" for t.v. horror. I feel like I have to support it no matter what. I am also a HUGE Joe Hill fan. I am also a fan of the actors ON the show. The show itself was really kind of "eh...". I don't know why it turned me off so bad. It could be because the book was an incredible discovery after what I perceived as a void in top-notch horror-fiction.

I was kind of happy when season one ended. I felt like I was being put out of my misery more than anything else, even though I knew there was much more to the story. As a matter of fact, before they even launched season one the producers were talking about creating a whole universe around the characters, themes and/or mythology of the story.

I am hoping the "right the ship" on this second season. Heck, if I had a producer/showrunners ear I don't even know what I'd tell them to make it better other than "be better". It's hard to judge if it's going to improve based on this teaser, but yeah, it does look a little disappointingly "made for t.v.".

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