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Ozzy Osbourne Goes "Straight To Hell"

Although they are not known for it, many snakes are goddamn hilarious

The second single from Ozzy's new album has dropped. Let's look at one of the major positives and that's Slash. As much as the previous track Under The Graveyard rocks, the solo work by Post Malone's guitarist (and producer of this project) just sucks. Now, I'm not talking about the playing, but the tone of the guitar. Bad guitar tone like going into a Chinese restaurant and finding out the rice sucks, it doesn't matter how good the rest of the meal is.

This track is on many levels better than the first one, but man, this shits derivitive. Ozzy even starts with the "Alright Now" swiped straight from the opening of Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf". On the previous track "Under The Graveyard" it's the bridge that's stolen from "Children Of The Grave".

All in all, as much as I love this stuff, it's almost like someone played every Ozzy and Sabbath song into a computer and the computer spit out something "new". Man, I have to even write that because I view Ozzy as a global treasure, but WTF? Once again, I would put the blame on the producer (he of the bad guitar tone) who didn't push Ozzy to another level but instead chose to recycle the old stuff. So thank you Andrew Watt for getting us new Ozzy and f#ck you Andrew what for squandering a great talent.

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