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Ozzy's Straight To Hell Video Drops

This is what someone who bakes children into gingerbread cookies looks like

Finally, the video has dropped for the FAR SUPERIOR of the two Ozzy songs. While Under The Graveyard has it's moments, the guitar by Post Malones guy (I refuse to learn his name) sounds terrible (I don't care how many notes you can play dude, work on your guitar TONE).

Oz, who was just rumored to be on his deathbed, looks mostly alive here, albeit sitting on a park bench (like Aqualung). My favorite moment of the shot of Ozzy saying, "I'll make you defecate". If that lyric doesn't go into some type of songwriters hall of fame, I'm going to be highly disappointed.

Anyhoo...Slash from Guns n' Roses hits this track like it's his last chance to play with Ozzy. Check it out:

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