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Peninsula-The Train To Busan Followup

This looks like a job for new Crest White Strips

Have you ever felt like you've seen it all, like there's nothing new under the sun, that Hollywood sticks with the same tried and true formulas? Well, my friend, you need to get into some Asian horror. Start with the movie "Audition", work your way over to "Cold Fish" then dive headfirst into what may be the best zombie movie ever made, "Train To Busan".

After you've sent me $1000 for turning you onto these greats, you should be ready for the follow up to "Train To Busan" called "Peninsula". Now while there is no guaranty that it's the same level as it's predecessor, I think the trailer speaks for itself. Also, keep in mind that "Peninsula" can be watched independently of the original because it is not a sequel, it just takes place four years later in the same universe.

Now, don't wienie out because this is a foreign film. The viewing options will usually let you choose from the original to English subtitles, to an English dub-over. Then again, I think you'll understand the plot pretty easily.

My apologies for being over a month late with this trailer, but it was released at the beginning of a pandemic.

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