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Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels On The Way

This is what happens when you eat too much Halloween candy

I am a big fan of Penny Dreadful. Not only did I rock the original series, which was cut woefully short, but I bought up all of the comic books that continued the story.

Now we have a new story that looks amazing, but I can't quite figure out why it carries the Penny Dreadful name. I kind of would have preferred that they kept that for more gothic type stories, but I am still pretty excited for this run.

My best guess is the producers decided to do their own version of "American Horror Story" with a different them each time around. Then again, what's to keep them from continuing this story?

Let's get to the point, in this series Natalie Dormer may or may not be Satan. If she is, please sign me up for hell. I find her amazingly watchable and she plays the baddie quite well.

The new series drops in mid-April. Have a look:

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