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Pennywise Does Napoleon Dynamite

What do you mean it's too soon to post another video by The Merkins? In fact, I'm about six months too late for this one. I can't believe it flew under the radar for me.

As I've explained before, The Merkins (named after pubic hairpieces made popular during more lice-ridden years) do mostly horror parodies. This one is truly left-field. Instead of giving a song the Weird Al treatment, this time it's just a splice together video of Pennywise The Dancing Clown, dancing the big scene from Napoleon Dynamite.

If you remember, Napoleon helped his friend Pedro's campaign for class president by performing his talent for him. The result was a somewhat unexpected boogie-down dance sequence.

That dance sequence appears to have been recreated move by move for this parody video which intercuts the crowd scenes from Napoleon Dynamite. Enjoy, this could be the best part of your day.

When you "got dat ass" you back it up.

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