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Remastered 'Halloween' Will Return To Theaters

He's Back!

It's like they could hear our thoughts or something. A week before the release of Halloween (2018), a digitally restored and remastered copy of Halloween will hit theaters across the country. The original Halloween will be returning to over 600 screens at select theaters across the country.

“Most People have probably seen [Halloween] at home, on pay per view, on television but the place to see the film is the big screen, in the theater” says director John Carpenter, “The widescreen [format] was designed for theaters the lighting was designed for theaters; this is the best place to see it”.

So will it be on the radar of your favorite local theater? Fortunately a map was created of all of the places it will be shown. Most theaters will be playing the movie on 10/10 and 10/11, but some will play it as late as 10/20. Halloween (2018) opens on 10/19

You can refresh yourself on the trailer for the movie below.

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