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Rob Zombie Hosts 13 Nights Of Horror

YouTube/Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie will serve up 13 nights of delicious Halloween screams concluding with an all day marathon on HD Net. Each movie is scheduled to start nightly at 9e/6pt. This is quite a treat that the network thinks enough of the genre to offer us up a little insight with our horror.

One thing though, could Rob do it as the guy above? Rob is well versed in the old time horror movie hosts serving up bad jokes in front of bubbling beakers and I'd sure like to see that!

Here's the lineup of hosted horror for you:

10/19-The Lords Of Salem (one of his, for you newbs out there)

10/20-The Blair Witch Project

10/21-Book Of Shadows-The Blair Witch Project 2

10/22-Zombie Strippers (certainly the best ones)

10/23-The Fourth Kind


10/25-Bubba Ho-Tep

10/26-The Evil Dead

10/27-Natural Born Killers (does this belong, yeah, it kind of does)

10/28-The Eye

10/29-The Last House On The Left

10/30-Angel Heart (luvs me some voodoo!)

10/31-The Blair Witch Project, Angel Heart, Flatliners, The Lords of Salem, Flatliners (again) (marathon starts at 5:40pm et)

Well, there's some winners and some losers here. If you don't have time for them all, may I suggest you NOT MISS Bubba Ho-Tep (trailer below). While a tiny bit draggy, and not super scary, it's one of the most original movies out there. Happy Watching!

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