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Rob Zombie Says You Can Go To Hell On September 16th

The face you make when your finger busts through the toilet paper

Rob Zombie has announced September 16th as the first showing of "3 From Hell" with subsequent showings on the 17th and 18th. These three special nights will include bonus content during the showings and some showings will even have prizes or premiums attatched to them.

What is interesting here, or maybe even a little concerning is that this is a Fathom Events showing, with no indications of a wide release. On the plus side, this is an unrated version of the film and the extras are cool (like free posters for the first 50 to some showings). What's bad is that a limited release certainly doesn't say a whole bunch about the marketability of the movie. Then again, maybe making these big fan packed nights a thing, could lead to other horror events.

Tickets for these special showings are scheduled to go on sale July 19th at Fathom Events.

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