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Scarah Parties With Faceoff Winner Matt Valentine

He's the Ice Cream Man, stop him as he's passing by.

Aug 7th-

Austin Masquerade Gala hosted an “immersive viewing masquerade party” to celebrate the series finale of Face off: Battle Royale. Matt Valentine, SFX makeup artist, Owner of Global Fear Enterprises, and finalist on Face Off: Battle Royale was in attendance wearing a fine, white suit a red scarf, and an ornate, gold mask. Guests dressed in suits, gowns, and masks walked the red carpet, sipped cocktails, had plenty of photo ops with props provided by Global Fear Enterprises, and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres served by gorgeous models who were wearing nothing but body paint and a smile. The vibe was very, “Eyes Wide Shut” (without the sex….as far as we know).

Scarah takes a picture of Scarah

One of Matt’s more iconic creations, Ice Cream Man, was also in attendance looking super creepy as he posed with guests for photos. More than one gal pretended to lick the sprinkles off Ice Cream Man’s chin, I can attest to that.

Face Off: Battle Royale played on a big screen in the main hall. As the final episode drew close to an end, guests gathered around Matt and waited for the final competition to come to an end. There was a charge in the air as everyone was confident that Matt was going to win the all-stars competition. When judge Glenn Hetrick announced Matt Valentine as Winner of Face Off: Battle Royale, the room erupted in cheers and applause.

immediately after the show came to an end, everyone was asked to grab a sparkler and line up along either side of the red carpet. A victorious Matt, accompanied by his girlfriend singer and artist Kate Kubala, made their way down the center of the sparkler lined red carpet and up to a small stage. Matt gave an inspiring speech and then, did something completely unexpected and pretty epic. He proposed to Kate! Now that’s a pimp move by the OG “Pimp of Darkness.”

Congratulations Matt, from your friends and fans at Horror Web.

One of these is sweet, the other is Scarah

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