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Sneak Peak Walking Dead's Final Season Trailer

The bottom of the note says, "DO YOU LIKE ME?" with boxes to check "yes" or "no"

I do not know what is up with this lo-res trailer. It's a great trailer that really makes you wonder what in the heck is in store, but it's like you're watching it through your AOL dial-up.

Now that we have quality out of the way, let's talk. I'm a Walking Dead fan. I didn't give up on it. Some of your readers out there get it because there were more than a few Stephen King books where you wanted to shout "get on with it" at the book. The slow burn is okay if it leads to a nice payoff.

I'm not so sure about the gang fudging with the stormtrooper wannabes, but getting there might be fun. The tunnel scene in the trailer was the thing that brought Stephen King to my brain (a classic scene from The Stand) for use in my comparison.

For me, the drama is wrapped up in two threads. First, let's deal with Maggie and Negan working together. We all know that we are working towards the point where Maggie kills Negan, or Negan holds Maggie in her arms and apologizes while she's dying. Seriously, I don't see them walking their separate ways into the sunset. The second thread is Carole and Daryl. If you are unaware this couple is supposed to continue on with a show of their own once The Walking Dead final season trilogy wraps up. The twosome is pretty much always dynamite together and you're either with that or your not.

Lastly, I kind of hope we get a little more time with Princess. She's a great character and does not deserve to be cast aside the way they did with Jesus earlier in the season. As for everyone else, well, zombies gotta eat too. Check out the trailer:

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