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Stranger Things Trailer Goes To Eleven

This is the answer when asked, "Did I sleep with your mom?"

The trailer for Stranger Things season four is out. I wasn't super excited about another going around, feeling that things had been left at a pretty high point. Now, I'm intrigued all over again.

From the looks of this trailer, we'll get more back story about Eleven and I find that element of the story far more fascinating than the monsters they've come up with. Now I don't want to see hours and hours of psychological abuse, but I'd like to see more of what was going on in this program and for Eleven basically to come back and make everybody's heads explode or something (this show has everything, but it could use more exploding heads).

This will no doubt be the final season of Stranger Things no matter the popularity just due to the fact that the kids are no longer kids and are now young adults. Add to that the burgeoning careers of Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown and it's time to move on. I guess should mention that David Harbour is obviously doing the franchise a favor by sticking around even though he has other projects including the new Black Widow movie.

So, your boy is chuffed about the new season, check out the trailer:

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