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Little do they know that the first scare is a prostate exam

My apologies for being a bit AWOL lately but you've been left in good hands and I am a haunter.

I am the co-owner of two haunted theme parks, Nightmare On 19th Street in Lubbock, Texas and the under-construction Bat City Scaregrounds in Austin. This blog is not meant to be a plug for either, but a blog for all haunts, professional, amateur and those guys who hang up sheets in garages.

There is nothing more fun than a night out at a haunt, after every little scare you'll find yourself grinning or laughing at yourself or your friends. There is electricity in the air when a haunt is really poppin' and that's something you can tap into.

Keep in mind that many of these haunts also would love for you to volunteer to come scare for a few nights or even the whole season. Haunters and haunt actors and really fun, entertaining people.

The joy of Halloween is still out there. There may not be as many trick or treaters but theres tons of fun waiting at your local and neighborhood haunted houses. My recommendation is to try them all as everyone has unique, creative ideas on how to scare the dickens out of you.

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