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Swamp Thing Gets Scary

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We here at HorrorWeb have been eagerly anticipating the drop of the new "Swamp Thing" series. From the very beginning it looks like they were out to reinvent this series as something a little more horror oriented. Now, it would be naive to expect anything other than bad guys do horrible things so Swamp Thing saves the day, but still, a few nightmare along the way are very welcome.

The deaths look positively gruesome and up there with the artfully posed deaths from the t.v. show Hannibal, but with a more swampy feel. You'll see one in this trailer that is a bit hard to unsee. Then there's the little lady above who may or may not be a part of a dream sequence.

I'm just happy that they've ixnayed the campiness of the original movies and series. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED that, I'm just ready to see something new. Let's also not forget that this series may have some serious problems because production was shut down early, but it sure looks like they got some good stuff on film. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a horror fan who isn't at least a little interested in the new Swamp Thing.

Check out the new trailer, then check it out again and stop on some of those gruesome scenes, they're delicious!

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