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Swamp Thing Just Got More Interesting

The Fourth Little Pig Was Not To Be Trifled With

Just what in blue hell is going on here? All of a sudden we went from a fun lovin', red eye, swamp demon to absolute mayhem. What's happening in that morgue (shades of the original Evil Dead), why is there a pig with an axe, and is the Swamp Thing a good guy/bush or a bad guy/bush?

The DC Streaming service may or may not be going extinct, but it sure as heck looks better than most of the stuff that it puts up on the movie screen. This is just full on mayhem and I'm all about it.

This is some dark, dark stuff and very spooky too. I can't imagine a more scary place than a swamp after dark. This is obviously a superhero tale and horror movie cut up and run through a scary sausage making machine! That's one evil wienie they're serving up. Here's a taste:

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