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The Banana Splits Are Here To Murder Your Childhood

"The jury is in, YOU let the dogs out!"

What fresh hell is this? Somehow a beloved children's series has been turned into a murder flick.

The Banana Splits was a kids show that ran from '68 to '70 with a latter revival on The Cartoon Network in 2008. Just imagine a kids show based on The Monkees and Laugh-In starring four dudes in animal costumes.

Well, apparently some twisted freak, strung out on Red Bull playing Five Nights At Freddy's had a fever dream that went, "what if my favorite kids show went on a murderous rampage?" The person that had that dream then was locked away from his own safety, then someone hopped up on glue said, "yeah, we should do that!". That guy then bought a giant bag of cocaine for a Hollywood producer who then said, "green light it". Now we have a movie.

Now I have no idea if anything I told you was true. All I can tell you is the movie was made, and hell yeah I'm going to watch it. Apparently it's going to hit blue ray and digital and may or may not be broadcast on the SYFY network.

Give the trailer a spin to ruin your brain and get that earworm of a theme song stuck in your head for the next three days.

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