• Franky Ramone

The Boys Season 2 New Trailer

I like my house like my Whoppers, flame-grilled.

You may be wondering why is the trailer for "The Boys Season 2" on a horror site? If you're wondering that, then you haven't seen The Boys and you sure as sh#t haven't seen this trailer.

This trailer, and keep in mind it's just the trailer, features some TOTALLY GNARLY kills. I mean, two that would not be out of place in any classic 80's horror film. Get ready for ripped off jaws, severed heads, and a plethora of puncture wounds. Yes, this is gore galore done superheroes gone bad style.

If you are unfamiliar with season one or the program in general, imagine a world where superheroes exist, but they're kind of dicks. Then imagine "the boys" the show is named after trying to bring them down to earth a little bit.

What's crazy about this trailer is it's pretty much all-new characters. Down below, check out the second trailer that brings you up to speed with some of the regular faces. Enjoy the blood you sickos!