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The Merkins Launch Killer Danzig Cover

*Mask not effective against coronavirus

Are The Merkin's the coolest or what? We've covered their covers a number of times and this one is just a humdinger. The band juxtaposes the Danzig classic "Mother" with our favorite mama's boy Jason for a whiz-bang parody number.

If you listen closely to the beginning you'll even catch some trademark Jason sounds while the Danzig song establishes itself. Anyhow about that Danzig voice? It's so close to the real Glenn Danzig that I can also smell the testosterone in the air.

The best thing about The Merkins is that they know their source material so completely. They know the ins and outs of the story and jam-pack their parodies with great references. Well, enough chitty-chat from me. Enjoy The Merkins with "Mother".

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