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The New Halloween Trailer Is Here

"Hey, you're not my Care Bear"

Could there be a more exciting time for a horror fan to be alive? I haven't been this excited since I heard Ash vs Evil Dead was coming to t.v. (r.i.p.).

A lot of people were a little trepidatious about this film for two reasons.

1. It ignores every other Halloween movie except for #1.

2. It was written and directed by "the people who brought you Pineapple Express".

Well, the first one is what it is. I personally never get hung up on what is "cannon". I always just look at it as a story told from a different perspective. No big deal.

As for number two, I've hung around comedians my whole life and they ALWAYS tell the best stories. Also, if you're not aware, one of the "people who brought you Pineapple Express" is La Flama Blanca, Kenny Powers, the one and only Danny McBride.

Let's get to the trailer and I'll have more for you below.

Nice, right? Well if you're a big Halloween fan, check out our exclusive story on Fright-Rags "Month Of Myers" and if you'd like details on the original Halloween's remastered return to theaters then give us a click here!

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