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The Night King Rocks Through Cutting Crew Cover

Photo Credit: HBO "Proactive-It Just Works"

I think it would be wrong of us to ignore the fact that so many in the horror community are also fans of Game Of Thrones. In fact, the Night King would make an excellent villain for a horror flick. What's scarier than an entire army of the dead coming after you? I mean someone like Jason is unstoppable, but it would certainly harder to outrun one guy than an entire army. One problem though, Jason can take damage all day and all it takes is one stabby-stab and this guys whole group cracks like a tray of ice cubes.

This brings us to the little ditty below. It's long been a favorite of this author and the parody is spot on. It's my contention that if you were in an elevator and you weren't really paying attention, you'd never notice that this song was changed up to drop this storyline from Game Of Thrones. So sit up, rock out, and get ready for the finale of GOT, and we'll get back to straight up horror.

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