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The Official Trailer For The Golem Is Here

The two questions I generally have about horror are, where are the new horror icons, and why haven't so man legends from our past and other cultures been explored? There just seems to be so many monsters and demons out there that we haven't tapped into.

It looks like I'll kind of be getting my wish with the movie "The Golem". I say "kind of" because I always expected the Golem to look like a big mud monster and in this movie he takes the shape of a little boy (at least in the parts shown in the trailer).

Regardless of what I think the monster should look like, this still looks like an excellent flick. The movie has a look that reminds me of the movie The Witch (Why yes, I would like to live deliciously). I'm also intrigued by that critics quote that called the movie, "A Jewish Frankenstein". I'm also a sucker for those plague masks, so they already had me reeled in with that.

There also seem to be a little something fairy-tale-ish in the mix here too. The credits say the movie is coming out February 5th but does not spell out what format (theaters, digital, or whatever).

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