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The Walking Dead Returns This Weekend

Lighting the worlds biggest match wasn't as exciting as many thought it would be.

I am lock, stock and barrel in it for the long haul with the Walking Dead. It may not be what it once was, but it's still a good weekly zombie-bashing good time. I'm all about Carole & Daryl and don't really care that Carl & Rick are gone. I love Negan's antics and redemption arc. I can't wait for things to go south for The Whisperers too.

All of this starts coming to a head this weekend. Yes, the show still has problems. Problem #1 you'll find out is-they don't know how to film the dark sequences appropriately. Just the preview is dark enough to make you want to shine a flashlight on your computer screen.

I'm sorry if you're too cool for this show anymore. It's a bone being thrown to us horror fans and I will gladly chew on it until it is gone. Here's the preview and a bonus clip:

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