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Trailer Drops For Umbrella Academy 2

This is what it feels like to brush your teeth after drinking Tequila all night.

So let's start with the HorrorWeb Dilemma (hereafter known as the HWD) and that is, what is horror? Where does the line start and where does it end? How does this apply to superhero projects? Usually, those movies involve "end of the world" type scenarios so offhand, I'd say that's horrifying, but is it horror? Ah, fudge it. Superheroes, Sci-Fi and Horror are all in-bred cousins if you ask me, so let's do this.

It's near time for season two of The Umbrella Academy and this trailer is hotter than the pile your dog dropped this morning. It looks like we'll be getting MORE of everything we love and they may even find a way to bring that talking monkey back that didn't make it through season one (other than Klaus, the monkey was my favorite).

Somehow this looks like it all revolves around JFK and the famous Bay Of Pigs incident. Have a look at the new trailer.

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