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U.S. Postal Service To Issue New Halloween Stamps

Yeah, you ladies may know me as a bit of a philatelist...

I used to collect stamps as a kid. Now I have no idea what the hell I did with them. As an adult I use maybe one stamp every couple of months. None of this will stop me from buying a lot of these. Who knew the U.S.P.S. could be so cool? Here's what the press release says on their site:

Halloween has long been a holiday that lets us delight in the things that scare us. With the approach of autumn, Spooky Silhouettes stamps will offer fun, frightful scenes that symbolize this annual celebration. Four stamps feature digital illustrations in which traditional Halloween motifs are rendered as black silhouettes in eerily backlit windows. Artist Tyler Lang created the artwork. Art Director Greg Breeding designed the stamps.

The Halloween stamps for 2019 are one of three new designs just released for 2019 (the other two are a salute to the T-Rex and Sesame Street). I can't even decide which of the four is my favorite or decide which is my least favorite. As someone who is slightly obsessive-compulsive, if I mail you a letter you may get all four. This set is just too cool to break up.

Release dates and all that fun stuff are still t.b.a. but I'll take a sheet or two of these any time they're ready!

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