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V Wars Looks To Put The Suck Back Into Vampires

Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting

Okay, so "V Wars". Hmmm..where do I start. I'm truly not the kind of guy to bring something up just to shit on it, that's why ignored this news after it came out. The problem is, I want(ed) this to be good but it just looks so bad.

From the moment it starts with the bargain basement Rob Lowe lookalike through the attack scenes this looks worse than most fan films. This doesn't bother some people. Z Nation seems to be doing or has done okay (I don't even know the status) but I hated it from the minute I turned it on. It had that filmed in Canada below B-Grade look to it.

On with the story. For some scientific/mutation reason vampires start to exist and eveyone wants to wipe them out (probably because they eat people) but the vampires fight back or something.

Anyways have a look at the trailer and tell me if you don't get that vibe of whatever is happening, they could have done it better.

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