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Venom Trailer: Let There Be Carnage

That face you make when you find out the Cheers Reunion will allow symbiotes.

Once again the worlds of sci-fi and horror collide. I mean, why not? Venom is back and he has a new baddie to fight in the form of Carnage. This is the brawl-for-all to see who's the worst in the Spiderverse!

Okay, you think my jokes are bad? Check out the jokey opening piece that starts the trailer. Venom helping around the house seems to be pure mayhem and it may be driving Eddie crazy.

I'm not the biggest Venom or Spidey fan which I believe is why I found the first Venom movie enjoyable. I went in with low expectations so I was not disappointed. It's my guess there were enough of us that we note disappointed that it rated a sequel. In fact, it was so "non-disappointing" that it made 856.1 million dollars against a budget of $100-106 million. That's a nice little profit.

The movie is expected to drop in late September. Enjoy the clip.

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