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Walking Dead Is Poised To End Final Season Strong

When the blood hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's a-gore-a!

It's almost here. The beginning of the end. August 22nd will kick off the final season of the Walking Dead, which is somehow split into three runs of multiple episodes (yeah, I'm personally not big on details).

Let's talk about the clip below. We don't know exactly why but our battle-worn zombie fighting buds are in some kind of tunnel and the thing that keeps bouncing around inside my head is, this is how the scene from The Stand looked in my brain when I first read the book. There's something claustrophobic and freaky about being in that space amongst the dead. The difference between this and The Stand is, in The Walking Dead universe the dead people come back and want to eat you.

It is going to be interesting how many characters die or fall by the wayside by the time this is over. Of course, Daryl and Carole have their own spin-off show, in which it's said that they will run into former characters, but for the most part, I'd assume all bets are off in terms of who they can kill off. Incidentally, if Negan dies, we're going to riot. I don't even mind if he turns bad again, but we need Negan! I also have to say, I like Negan more than Maggie, so if a choice has to made, then bye-bye Mrs. Rhee (we'll keep an eye out for ya).

Check out this scene called, "A Drop Of Blood".

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