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Welcome To HorrorWeb

I guess the first question is, "who are we?" or "what are we?" The answer is both simple and complex and as varied as light and dark. The answer is, we are all things horror. You know our types, the ones who like scary movies, scary music and scary (for lack of a better term) fashion. We love it all from the latest horror flicks to Rob Zombie to cool Halloween table cloths.

It is with the definition above that we hope to never be fully defined. We are hoping to include craft-makers, bloggers, musicians and everyone who ever heard some thunder and said "let's put on a scary movie". We are not experts and we don't want to be experts. We want to be fans with a megaphone shouting out our love for the things that live in the shadows.

We have a wonderful crew of contributors who will be on this journey with us, and if you're a fan, maybe someday you'll join us.

Frightfully yours,

Franky Ramone

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