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What We Do In The Shadows Returns April 15th

That Look You Have When You Find Out You're Lactose Intolerant

Who else needs a reason to smile? A reason to live? A big ol' belly-laugh? This kid certainly does and no one does it better than "What We Do In The Shadows". The show is the vampire descendant of "The Office" and it's hilarious.

Okay, if you can, right now, stop and watch the original movie. Then watch season one of the series (the way the original movie plays into it at one point is really fun). Now, if you can't do that, just jump in. You can pick up the story pretty much at any time and enjoy some laughs. Even the episodes themselves tend to be just a series of smaller skits sewn together (no unlike Reno 911 either).

The show has release a new promo real and it looks really fun. The show is set to debut April 15th. Have a look!

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