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Wrong Turn, Returns

When you realize that assholes bought up all the toilet paper.

At a time when horror seemed to be at a low, I experienced the first "Wrong Turn" movie. Heck, I can do better than that. "Wrong Turn" was the first movie I ever purchased on BlueRay. I don't know if I was paying extra attention because of the new format, or because the movie was a nice horror story, but it is a personal favorite.

I have to say I've enjoyed some of the sequels too. "Wrong Turn" will reboot in 2021 and I have a problem. As I've learned from HorrorWeb's illustrious Rob DiLauro, we've punted the mutant hillbillies for descendants of the civil war. Yeah, I was not real excited about that.

The trailer has turned me around just a bit because I'm now picking up a little bit of a "Deliverance" vibe that I hadn't really noticed before. While there's no hillbilly sodomy in this trailer, I guess one can always hope. Instead of the sweet hillbilly lovin', we get some cool traps, thus making this "Original Wrong Turn+Deliverance-Hillbilly Sodomy+Saw=Wrong Turn 2021".

One last thing, just in case someone from Hollywood reads this, or one of you break into the Hollywood horror scene, please stop with the goddamn "kid sings a normal song creepy" or "cool pop/rock song sung slow" method of filling out trailers. That stuff is spent, man! Let the action tell the story, not a shitty cover song. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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