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You Are Missing One Of The Best Zombie Movies Ever

So, how am I somewhat confident that you’re missing a great horror movie? We’ll most people will not watch movies with subtitles. Before you turn away though, consider this, you don’t need to understand a lot of dialogue to enjoy a horror movie.

The movie is “Train To Busan”. I put this movie on as “background” and soon became engrossed in it do to some amazing scenes of zombies swarming along with great action sequences. Let’s take on that swarming first. Yes, these are fast zombies and fast zombies immediately bring up thoughts of what World War Z should have been. Let me take that a step further and say YES, this is what World War Z should have been if it had taken place in a train and around train stations. Let’s continue by also stating that even though the movie is a foreign language, you’ll connect with the characters more than any of the ones in World War Z.

On top of everything else, the movie adds another twist to what it’s zombies can and cannot do and in true horror movie style we find out what that is just in time. This is also not one of those Hollywood movies where everyone you like makes it to the end.

So what’s in it for you horror fans? All the blood you want, truly scary zombies, tons of close calls, action sequences, big budget effects and a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat even if you have to look down and read dialogue every now and then.

The movie is simple to describe. People try to escape a zombie outbreak, mostly on a train. Easy enough, right?

Train To Busan is a South Korean horror film and if you’ve been hesitant to delve into foreign horror, this could be your entry point. If you make it through this, dig up “I Saw The Devil” or the Japanese horror films “Cold Fish” or “Audition”. There’s a lot of great horror out there and it translates to all languages.

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