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Zombie Land: Double Tap Trailer Lands

The Face You Make When You Find Out Your Friend Has To Have A Prostate Check

Holy bajinkies! I forgot this was even a thing. A sequel to the best zombie comedy EVER MADE is on the way and it looks fantastic. First off, the whole gang is back, then they run into some other folks and it's just awesome.

It looks like along the way they'll have a sleepover at the White House and some hijinks will ensue. But what about gore? It certainly looks like we'll be treated to buckets of blood. Finally, what about Twinkies? Well, they'll at least have a Twinkie along as a mascot.

I am SO excited for this. I know there are some folks out there who say, "I am so burned out on zombies" but you need to choke on a glass of haterade, because Tallahassee is back and ready to rock. Check out the trailer below:

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