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In this short film by HorrorWeb Productions, Inc., the dark witch, Scarah, casts a beautification spell that goes "bad", sending her on a journey to reverse its magic. 
In film festivals nows!



Story by Sarah Webb and Corey Trahan
Screenplay by Sarah Webb

Director - Corey J. Trahan
Assistant Director - Kayla Stojek
Assistant Director - Sarah Webb
Executive Producer - HorrorWeb Productions, Inc.
Associate Producers - Woodson Rowan, Dirt City Studios
Director of Photography - Chisholm McEacharn, Brian Monnone, Marcos Morales
Camera Operators - Zac Stojek, Chisholm McEacharn, Brian Monnone, Marcos Morales
Boom Operator - John Bock 
Visual Effects Production - Hamil Bros Studios, Stream Studios, LLC
Editors - Chisholm McEacharn, Marcos Morales
DIT - Marcos Morales

Colorist - Chisholm McEacharn
Makeup/FX - Stormie Steen, Gwenyth Williamson, Sarah Webb
Production Design - Nightmare Productions, Inc.
Costume Design -  Sarah Webb, Kayla Stojek
Sound Design - Corey Trahan
Assistants - Conner Underwood, Robert Taylor, Joshua Fontenot, Lynn Day
BTS photography: Jessy Jacobsen

Music: “Dead Man’s Party”; Written by The Immortalz; Performed by The Immortalz; 
Audio Samples courtesy of Envato Elements and Ghosthack

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