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THE BLACK QUARRY - In this HorrorWeb Production, a black metal band, "Drown the Priest",  heads out into an abandoned quarry to film a music video as intense as their sound. Little do they know that their lead singer has more sinister motivations in mind. What lurks beneath, however, proves to be more menacing than his twisted intentions.



Director - Corey J. Trahan
Assistant Director - Sarah Webb
Assistant Director - Kayla Stojek
Executive Producer - Woodson Rowan
Associate Producers - Scott Edwards, Zombie Fight Club, Dave Willborn
Director of Photography - Donavon Cavanaugh
Production Manager -  Budro Partida
Art Director - Kayla Stojek, Sarah Webb
Camera Operators - Donavon Cavanaugh, Robert Moore, Chisholm McEacharn
Drone Operators - Scott Ramsay, Jake Stockstill, Woodson Rowan 
Boom Operator - John Bock 
Visual Effects Production - Hamil Bros Studios
Editors - Marcos Morales, Donavon Cavanaugh
DIT - Marcos Morales

Colorist - Hamil Bros Studios
Makeup/FX - Stormie Steen, Gwenyth Williamson, Sarah Webb, Lainie Garcia, Kelsey Harris
Practical FX - Stormie Steen, Gwenyth Williamson, Lynn Day, Dennis Uribe
Digital FX - Hamil Bros Studios
Casting Director - Lynn Forney
Production Design - Kayla Stojek, Sarah Webb
Costume Design - Kayla Stojek, Zac Beesley, Sarah Webb
Production Sound Mixer - John Bock, Mike Carpentar
Sound Design - Corey Trahan, Donavon Cavanaugh
Battle Choreography - Kinsey Burdette, Lynn Forney
Assistants - Connor Underwood, Robert Taylor, Trevor Underwood, Mike Carpentar, Scott Engle
Music Sountrack - Josh Fontenot, Corey Trahan
Stunt  Performer -
 Kelsey Harris

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