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3 From Hell Trailer Is Here

Man, they put way too much sauce on these barbecue sandwiches.

At this point I don't know what more I can say about this project. As a matter of fact, you probably already skipped this blather and went straight to the trailer. Just in case you did decide to double back and read this text, well? What do you think? Were some questions answered, or were only more questions presented? Myself, I found very little useful information in the trailer, but it does pump up the excitement.

I'm still very interested to see how Rob Zombie rolls all of the actors he's drafted into a cohesive format for this movie. He has a veritable Avengers End Game list of character actors all needing more than a bit of screen time. I'm especially interested to see how RIchard Brake's character of "Winslow Foxworth Coltrane" is used. Then there's Clint Howard (Ron Howards brother and the kid from the old t.v. series Gentle Ben) bringing a new clown into the mix by the name of "Mr. Baggy Britches". Adding these characters along with the main Firefly clan should be pretty interesting.

Here's your first look at "3 From Hell"

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