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Check Out Breathtaking Trailer For The Witcher Season Two

Is it just me, or does she give you a woody?

Let's start by saying, "apologies" from those of us in the HorrorWeb crew, we have crazy responsibilities during the Halloween season that keep us from regular posting. So why come back with a post about "The Witcher 2" which is more of a fantasy thing?

Well, Geralt is fighting monsters and there are some very cool-looking ones. In fact, this entire series looks like it got an upgrade. Season one looked like it was filmed around the time of the original Beastmaster while this season two looks like they dumped tons of money into it.

The original Witcher was also known for its campiness and I hope they don't lose it in season two. This trailer is action-horror-fantasy with very little humor in it. Myself, I want Geralt AND the guy who sings silly songs about Geralt. I need both those elements, or at least I think I do.

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