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New Firestarter Trailer Is Hot!

Who said that One Chip Challenge Was Harmless?

Let's come right out and say it, some of the recent remakes look like the Wish versions of the original. In the case of the Firestarter remake, let's just say I'm impressed.

Let's talk about what I like without spoiling the trailer for you. There's a little nod to our Firestarter being a "superhero" which aligns really well with other offerings out there. Next, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I like Zac Efron as the day. Efron appears to have pivoted away from the young, goofy hunk-type rolls and looks the part here. Then there's the fire.

Am I wrong or does this already look like more fire than the original? Heck, it looks like more fire than a Ramstein tour. Oh, and then there's the exploding bird. I would be totally cool if more birds were exploded. And with that, let's get to it:

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