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Leatherface Returns In Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Gray skies are gonna clear up, Put on a happy face!

Dear friends, my sincerest apologies for my extended absence. Like many of you, I have been looking after the family during the pandemic. It only makes sense though, that I return with Leatherface.

That's right, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is back and since you probably already have Netflix you can spin this one over and over like a well-greased roulette wheel.

It's shades of Laurie Strode versus Michael Myers as Sally Hardesty is called back to face old man Leatherface. Unfortunately, it looks like will be slicin' and dicin' for a group of people trying to gentrify Leatherfaces stomping grounds. It also looks like Leather takes 'em out a busload at a time! This is some nice blade work!

I'll leave it at that. Check out the trailer and we'll chat all things scary again sometime soon!

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